Webinar Presentation - SPEC Webinar 7 - Seeking Economic Inclusion for Refugees: A Case Study of the Graduation Approach in Ecuador

Slide presentation of the webinar held on 5 June 2018. Organised by the Social Protection for Employment Community (SPEC), this webinar offered an in-depth, interactive discussion on how UNHCR and implementing partner HIAS adapted the graduation approach for refugees in Ecuador. Piloted with 200 Colombian and Ecuadorian families in 2015, UNHCR Ecuador has now reached more than 2,300 refugees through the graduation program nationally and has plans to collaborate with the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion on a new initiative to incorporate refugees into the government’s existing protection system, Plan de Acompañamiento Familiar. The new project aims to strengthen the national protection system by incorporating a graduation and self-reliance lens, while also improving refugees’ access to the State's projects, programmes, and services.