Webinar Presentation - South-South development tools, technology and innovations that support the achievement of SDGs for children

Slide presentation of the webinar held on 28 June 2018. The Community of Practice on South-South Cooperation for Children (CoP-SSC4C) organised its second thematic webinar. This time, the topic was South-South Cooperation’s added value in expanding access to development tools, technology and innovations for children. Achieving the ambitious SDGs for children by 2030, especially for the hardest to reach, requires a divergence from the ‘business as usual’ approach. Investing in and incubating breakthrough solutions and approaches are critical to meet evolving challenges facing children today. Increasingly these tools, technology and innovations are emerging from the global South in response to the specific needs of developing countries, and are often available at a lower cost.

The webinar presented three projects showcasing how South-South cooperation expands access to development tools, use of technology and innovations for children. These include the multi-country Global Kids Online Project; the RapidPro open software framework; and the UPSHIFT youth-led innovation project. While these programmes are distinct in their focus, approach and potential, a common feature that links them is how they shape solutions that are home-grown in developing countries, which are then scaled up across the world using various South-South modalities. The webinar provided an opportunity to share these innovative projects with members of the CoP-SSC4C, and to discuss the potential to further expand their access and the added value of South-South Cooperation in doing so.