Asian Development Bank, ADB

Webinar presentation: The Social Protection Indicator for the Pacific – tracking developments in social protection

Slide presentation from the webinar held on June 9, 2022.

This webinar presented the main findings of ADB’s forthcoming publication, the Social Protection Indicator in the Pacific, specifically providing an analysis of 2018 data on social protection programs in the 14 Pacific developing country members of ADB. Updating the 2015 analysis published in Social Protection Indicator for the Pacific: Assessing Progress (ADB 2019). In addition, the report has special chapters on disability, COVID 19, and a forward-looking chapter for the Pacific region. It considers how social protection programs in the Pacific can be made more inclusive, especially in relation to people with disabilities; how social protection can contribute to more resilient societies and economies in these countries, drawing on their experience of the COVID-19 pandemic; and what could be future directions for social protection in the subregion.