Asian Development Bank, ADB
International Labour Organization, ILO

Webinar presentation: The Social Protection Indicator for Asia – tracking developments in social protection

Slide presentation from the webinar held on June 14, 2022.

This webinar presented the main findings of ADB’s forthcoming publication, the Social Protection Indicator in Asia, one of two regional reports (the other is on the Pacific) on the subject, providing an analysis of 2018 data on social protection programs in 26 countries in Asia. Updating the 2015 analysis published in Social Protection Indicator for Asia: Assessing Progress (ADB 2019), and in addition to providing the social protection trends in 2018, the report also contains thematic chapters on social protection responses to the COVID-19 pandemic; the constraints and opportunities in producing and analyzing social protection data and statistics at a national and regional levels; and the challenges in identifying people with disabilities and measuring disability prevalence for effective monitoring of disability-focused social protection measures.