Webinar presentation - Social protection and Inclusive Care and support systems strengthening

Slide presentation of the webinar held on 06 June 2024.

The webinar discussed inclusive care and support systems as an essential element for developing human capabilities, achieving equal socio-economic participation, and ensuring functioning societies. The inclusion of this webinar in the disability inclusive social protection series reflects the importance of care and support systems for survival and socio-economic participation of persons with disabilities across the life cycle, including for children with disabilities and older persons acquiring functional limitations, but also the imperative to simultaneously address the need to reduce and redistribute unpaid care and related gender inequalities. This session provided an overview of the components and requirements of gender-responsive, age-sensitive and disability-inclusive care and support systems. It will focus on how social protection can contribute to the development of such systems in different contexts in a sustainable and context relevant way that both upholds the rights and meet the needs of those requiring and those providing care and support.