Webinar Presentation: The social contract and the role of social protection in building trust in government and strengthening the nation-state

Slide presentation of the webinar held on 14 January 2021. This webinar explored how countries across the Global South could learn from history and use universal social protection to build a virtuous circle of enhanced trust in government, a stronger social contract, and a greater willingness of citizens to pay tax so that they can generate the fiscal space that enables progressive governments, over time, to offer high quality universal public services to all of their citizens. Arguably, a number of low- and middle-income countries have already benefitted from stronger social contracts following the introduction of universal social protection programmes. The lessons of history are particularly important for today’s fragile states which, instead of undermining trust in national governments through the use of poverty-targeted social assistance, should contemplate a change in direction and invest in universal schemes that build trust and strengthen the nation-state.