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Webinar presentation - PROSPERA Social Inclusion Program Mexico: The role of evaluation

Webinar presentation from 12 October 2017, describing in detail the design features of Mexico’s flagship social protection programme, PROSPERA Social Inclusion Program. The webinar will focus on its external evaluation mechanism, which is carried out by an autonomous agency in charge of the nation’s social policy evaluation. The programme is under the direction of the Ministry of Social Development (SEDESOL) and implemented by the PROSPERA National Coordination. 

PROSPERA has three main, human capital development components: food, health, and education. In addition to this, beneficiaries of the program also receive preferential access to an array of the institutional offer of social programs for productive development, income generation and labour inclusion through its linkage component. Specifically, the linkage component can be divided into the following sub-components: financial inclusion, labour inclusion, especially to foster the youth in the formal labour market, productive inclusion, and social inclusion.

One of the good practices of PROSPERA is the external evaluation mechanism. The evaluation processes undertaken by PROSPERA are driven, on the one hand, by the guidelines promoted by the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL). On the other hand, the PROSPERA National Coordination through the General Directorate of Geostatistics, Analysis and Evaluation (DGIGAE), designs and implements evaluation processes directed to generate robust and objective evidence about the effectiveness of the different interventions of the Program. Consequently, evaluation represents a core element within the logic of PROSPERA; its development, as well as the use and dissemination of findings, are processes that have been internalized by the organization. The webinar will describe this mechanism in details and give space for Q&A session to further explore this particular feature of the social policy.


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