Webinar Presentation - The Power of Local Economy Multipliers: Synergies between Social Protection and Agricultural Interventions in Malawi

Slide presentation from the webinar held on 31 May 2018. This webinar presented the first study of its kind to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of alternative social protection and agriculture interventions that account for production and income spillover effects in the local economy. Market linkages that transmit the impacts of programmes from the directly affected households to others in the local economy are generally missed by traditional impact evaluation. Income and production spillovers can affect the overall cost-effectiveness of an intervention and also have important distributional impacts. While recent work has demonstrated the existence of positive income multipliers for cash transfer programs in rural Africa, this study provides comparable simulations of local economy multipliers for other types of interventions including public works, agriculture subsidies, irrigation and extension services, as well as their combination. Check the Policy Brief and the full study for more information.