Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO
International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth, IPC-IG

Webinar Presentation - Measuring gender outcomes in social protection programmes: Why is it important? How best to do it?

Slide presentation from the webinar held on March 22, 2018 as part of the webinar series focused on gender-sensitive social protection. Social protection programmes increasingly mainstream gender in their design, but very few assess gender-related changes through monitoring and evaluation. Gender-sensitive M&E is critical to identify different outcomes of social protection interventions on women and men, determine whether social protection is empowering poor women and how, and re-adjust the programmes accordingly.

Focusing on impact evaluations, the webinar has explored the following questions:

i. To what extent is gender integrated in the impact evaluations of the existing social protection interventions?

ii. What types of gender outcomes can be measured, and through what type of indicators?  

iii. What role can different data collection methodologies play in assessing gender-related changes?

iv. What practical challenges evaluators face in doing such work, and how is evidence used to influence the programming?

These issues were explored through specific case studies from the World Bank’s review of impact evaluations, Juntos cash transfer programme in Peru, and the Red UNIDOS in Colombia.