Social Protection Technical Assistance, Advice, and Resources Facility, STAAR

Webinar Presentation - Linking social protection and cash and voucher assistance (CVA) to mitigate and respond to GBV in humanitarian and displacement contexts

Slide presentation of the webinar held on 20 April.

The session will be framed as a conversation amongst the four speakers on the basis of following questions:

  • What has been the evolution of the use of cash and voucher assistance for GBV response and mitigation in humanitarian contexts?
  • What is the evidence to date on cash and voucher assistance to respond to and mitigate for GBV in humanitarian and displacement/migration/refugee contexts?
  • What are the good practice/challenges in this sector?  
  • How is it possible and what are the challenges to build effective linkages to social protection mechanisms, referral pathways and other key services? Are there foundations being laid for an eventual transition to broader social protection?