Digital Convergence Initiative, DCI

Webinar Presentation - Integrated Social Protection Information System in Zambia: Opportunities, Impact and Challenges

Slide presentation of the webinar held on 11 October 2022.

The seventh session of the Talking interoperability webinar series discussed the experience of the Zambian Ministry of Community Development and Social Services with the implementation of Zambia Integrated Social Protection Information System (ZISPIS). The ZISPIS operationalises a unified National register of beneficiaries for key Social Protection Interventions and serves as a backbone of an integrated digital ecosystem for management of Social Protection programmes in Zambia. The solution also enforces workflow controls, applies accountability mechanisms, and is integrated in real-time to banks/Payment-Service-Providers which significantly improves cost-effectiveness, efficiency, convenience of disbursing and receiving Social Support entitlements as well as standardising management of Social Cash Transfers and other social support interventions.

As expected, this implementation has been affected by several challenges relating to interoperability and data protection issues and we have had to make several interventions, compromises and delayed some integrations in order to get the process moving. The presentation highlighted how implementation of the ZIPSIS has addressed interoperability challenges, leveraged opportunities, and the overall impact of an integrated approach to management of Social Protection Support Programmes.