Webinar Presentation - Gendered impacts of COVID-19 and social protection responses in rural areas

Slide presentation of the webinar held on 27 August 2020. Social protection has emerged as a crucial component in COVID-19 response. It is essential that gender-responsive measures are included that support the livelihoods of women and men engaged in agriculture and address existing gender inequalities in rural settings. Given the vital role that rural women play in agri-food systems and in household food security, policy responses to the COVID-19 crisis that fails to consider gender will slow or harm longer-term recovery. 

This webinar:
  • Presented an overview of the gendered dimensions of the response to COVID-19 in rural areas;
  • Highlighted ways in which social protection can be made gender-sensitive in the context of emergencies, specifically COVID-19;
  • Presented the situation on the ground for rural women using the case of The Gambia; and
  • Featured a panel discussion with representatives from three countries that highlighted the importance of women’s leadership in ensuring that rural women’s specific needs are addressed in the design and implementation of social protection in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.