Webinar Presentation: Financing Gender-Responsive Social Protection Systems

Slide presentation of the webinar held on 9 March 2023.

Social protection is not only a vital instrument for addressing economic risks at scale, but also social exclusion, discrimination, and the realization of children’s rights, including but not limited to gender equality. The Social Protection and Public Finance Management Programme (SP&PFM Programme) focuses on adequate funding for breaking the cycle of gender inequality that trap women in informal and low paid jobs without adequate social protection, to prevent and overcome poverty. Rather than promoting improvement of social protection in isolation, the program considers social protection policies in the context of poverty reduction, employment, formalization, care, migration and other macro-economic policies. The program seeks to address to multiple factors leading to the marginalization including disability, race, migration, sexual orientation, etc.

As part of its knowledge exchange and communications initiative, the SP&PFM Programme is organizing a series of webinars to learn from country experiences and contribute to the international debate on innovative solutions to increase financing and improve PFM for strengthening national social protection systems to achieve universal coverage for all.