International Trade Union Confederation, ITUC

Webinar Presentation: Financing gender-responsive social protection

Slide presentation of the webinar held on 6 June, 2019. Why do the levels of resources spent on social protection matter to gender equality? How does the social protection financing “mix” (e.g. type of tax, other revenue etc.) matter to women’s outcomes? What are the main challenges, opportunities, and initiatives underway on financing gender-responsive social protection? 
This webinar brought together leading experts to discuss the implications for women’s outcomes and gender equality of:

  • the options for securing adequate levels of social protection financing – both contributory and non-contributory;
  • alternative social protection financing instruments; and 
  • related challenges, such as existing gender inequalities in the world of work and the explicit/implicit gender bias in existing tax and spending policies.

The webinar also discussed revenue-expenditure links and the role of gender budgeting initiatives in gender-responsive social protection financing.