Webinar Presentation: Financing disability-inclusive social protection systems

Slide presentation of the webinar held on 9 February 2023.

To ensure social protection systems are inclusive of persons living with disabilities, the SP&PFM Programme supports its partner countries to enable the effective participation of organizations of people with disabilities in the design, reform, implementation, and monitoring of social protection systems and programmes; to strengthen disability data and statistics to assess social protection needs of persons living with disability and to design programmes or specific features of existing programmes that facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities, including in the labor market and society; to assess disability specific costs and higher living costs for people with disabilities; to design inclusive social protection delivery mechanisms; to ensure the inclusion of disability in humanitarian responses, community based rehabilitation, and care. 

As part of its knowledge exchange and communications initiative, the SP&PFM Programme is organizing a series of webinars to learn from country experiences and contribute to the international debate on innovative solutions to increase financing and improve PFM for strengthening national social protection systems to achieve universal coverage for all.