Webinar Presentation - Expanding access to good practices on EMTCT of HIV and Syphilis through SSC

Slide presentation of the webinar held on 31 January 2019. As targets of SDG3, to end of preventable deaths of newborns and children under 5 and the elimination of HIV and other communicable diseases should remain priorities on the agenda for global health development. Over 90% of new HIV infections among infants and young children occur through MTCT. Successful practices of EMTCT have managed to reduce the transmission risk from 20-45% to less than 2%. Several countries have undertaken great measures to achieve the WHO’s certificate for eliminating MTCT of HIV & Syphilis; In 2015 Cuba was the first country in the world to achieve the certificate, and in 2016 Thailand followed as the first country in Asia. Most recently Malaysia achieved it in October 2018. The aim of this webinar was to present and discuss ways to expand the access to knowledge and experiences of EMTCT through SSC. By means of knowledge exchange and sharing good practices, SSC can be used as a vehicle to reach the SDG targets and improve health development in countries of the Global South. 


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