Webinar Presentation: Emerging field practices to COVID-19 in refugee contexts

Slide presentation of the webinar held on 16 June 2020. This webinar showcased practical UNHCR cash responses across different continents, including adjustments to existing cash-based interventions (CBI), use of complementary shock responsive social safety net (SSN) programmes and challenges that refugees face in accessing social protection. Additionally, WFP and its government counterpart from Gerencia de Frontera shared the experience of Colombia of the shock responsive social protection pilot as a complementary initiative to the national social protection response to Covid-19 that scales up assistance to Venezuelans and host communities in the district of Arauca. Through these experiences, the webinar explored how COVID-19 has impacted existing and new efforts as well as its implications for future work in strengthening and adapting social protection in refugee contexts. 

Tania Niño's presentation (WFP Colombia) can also be found in Spanish, here.