Webinar Presentation - Changes in the provision of social protection in MENA since the Arab uprisings

Slide presentation of the webinar held on 11 June 2018. Part of a series with experts on Social Protection in the Middle East and North Africa, this webinar offered a closer look at the current state of social protection in MENA and some of the main challenges in the region. Rana Jawad (Senior Lecturer at University of Bath, UK) provided a short historical overview of the development of social protection systems, exploring whether we are witnessing a new paradigm of social policy action in MENA. Rana argues that although national governments have recognised the need to improve quality and coverage of social security and social safety nets, these often remain fragmented. Markus Loewe (Head of research team "Middle East and North Africa", German Development Institute) presented a comparison of the public pension systems in MENA, highlighting that they often have no substantial impact on poverty and contribute to inequality due to their generally low coverage and regressive redistribution. In addition, Markus discussed recent reforms in the pension systems in the region.