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Webinar Presentation - Benefit Package Design for Universal Health Coverage: A framework for systematic decision making on pharmaceuticals, country experiences and global best practices

Webinar presentation from the session held on 26 October, organised by German Development Cooperation through the programme Global Alliances for Social Protection, implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), will discuss issues related to systematic decision making for Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

Many emerging and developing countries currently engage in reforms aiming at better financial protection of their population through UHC. Reforming the way national health care is organised and financed has profound implications for equity. Moreover, we know that health-related financial shocks are one of the major causes for the impoverishment of vulnerable population groups. Preventing such shocks has a direct effect on poverty prevention and alleviation.

National systems providing public services, no matter rich or poor, are always under budget constraint resulting in the dilemma to balance financial protection of patients versus financial sustainability of national health funds. Therefore it is critical to manage the cost of healthcare provision and ensure the most efficient spending of the scarce resources.

Consequently, a carefully established Benefit Package is key to ensure service access for patients. Equally, decisions about size and depth of benefits have direct implications on the financial sustainability of UHC schemes.

Policy makers are required to make systematic decisions in view of balancing treatment benefits and the cost. Many countries striving for UHC face the challenge to establish a transparent and efficient decision-making process which in turn creates large inefficiencies and access barriers to patients.


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