Social Protection Inter-Agency Cooperation Board, SPIAC-B

Webinar Presentation - Assessing Social Protection Payment Delivery of the Productive Social Safety Net Program (PSSN) in Tanzania

Presentation of the webinar Assessing Social Protection Payment Delivery of the Productive Social Safety Net Program (PSSN) in Tanzania, that took place on Wednesday, 28 September, at 9:00 – 10:00 (Washington DC). This is the second webinar of the ISPA Tool Webinar Series

In mid-November, 2015, an interagency team piloted the ISPA Social Protection Payment Delivery Mechanisms tool in Tanzania. The ISPA tool aims to provide guidance on how to implement a high quality payment delivery mechanism for the delivery of cash or near cash social protection transfers that are primarily targeted to poor and vulnerable populations in developing countries. Thanks to the joint work of the Tanzanian Social Action Fund (TASAF), an interagency team (DFID, ILO and WBG) was able to conduct a rapid assessment of the Productive Social Safety Net program. Important lessons were learned on the Accessibility, Robustness and Integration of payments delivery in Tanzania.  

The tool was received as an instrument that provides a holistic diagnostic (combining financial and social protection perspectives) and offers a common diagnostic that helps to initiate dialogue both within the government agencies and between the international agencies and the government, and to identify options for further action. In the webinar you will learn from the government perspective how the Social Protection Payment Delivery Mechanisms was applied, and how it can be used to support your own work in your country. 

ISPA tools are a set of practical tools that help countries improve the performance of their SP systems, programs and delivery mechanisms by analyzing strengths and weaknesses, identifying options for further development. Learn more @ www.ispatools.org