United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF

Strengthened social protection for the most marginalized | Cash-Plus programme

The direct and secondary impacts of COVID-19 in Nepal have been devastating, especially for families that were already struggling to earn a living. Children in these families are more and more susceptible to stresses and shocks that but also leave them vulnerable to intergenerational transmission of poverty. To provide targeted support to these most marginalized and at-risk households, UNICEF, in partnership with the European Union, in coordination with the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, has analyzed data from the national registry to identify 12 municipalities to launch the Cash-Plus support programme. Implemented together with the local governments, this programme would provide families with cash support - delivered through the Government's Social Security Allowance system - as well as hygiene products, as well as psychosocial, health and nutritional counselling and services. So far, a total of 122,342 households in 12 municipalities have been supported through the Cash-Plus support programme.