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SPEC Infographic Series: Ultra-Poor Graduation (UPG) Program – Bangladesh

The UPG program in Bangladesh, formerly known as Targeting the Ultra Poor (TUP) program, is a comprehensive, time-bound and sequenced set of interventions that aim to graduate people from ultrapoverty. It combines social protection, which provides vital consumption support and immediate relief for basic needs, with livelihood development and access to finance to help the ultra-poor move into sustainable livelihoods. BRAC, a Bangladesh based international NGO pioneered this approach. Currently, 99 programs in 43 countries are replicating the UltraPoor Graduation Approach.

Social Protection for Employment Community (SPEC), supported by DFAT and GIZ, has published a series of 9 infographics on employment generation programs linked to social protection. These programs aim to boost productivity and income and build resilience of the poor. The objective of the infographics is to help readers learn the key features of these programs. They also provide links for further learning. This infographic on Ultra-Poor Graduation (UPG) Program – Bangladesh is one of the infographics published by SPEC.