Digital Convergence Initiative, DCI

Social Registry and SP-MIS

Social registries are information systems that help governments identify and track individuals who may be eligible for social protection programs. They can be used to support outreach, intake, registration, and determination of potential eligibility for one or more social programs. Social registries have both a social policy role and an operational role. They play a social policy role by helping to ensure that social protection programs are inclusive and that everyone who needs them can access them. They also play an operational role by helping to make social protection programs more efficient and effective. Some social registries are designed to be platforms for dynamic inclusion. This means that they allow for open and continuous access to registration, so that anyone who needs social protection can access it at any time. This is closely related to the human rights agenda and the progressive realization of universal social protection. This online tool is a set of Social Registry and SP-MIS Standards created by the Digital Convergence Initiative (DCI).