Asian Development Bank, ADB

Session 1B: Just Transition

The unprecedented speed and scale needed to decarbonize our economies will inevitably entail significant disruptions and structural changes to systems and supply chains that have been in place for decades. These disruptions can be an opportunity to create new and quality jobs, develop green industries, bridge development gaps (such as energy poverty and gender inequality), and enhance well-being. But they also present socioeconomic risks that must be identified and managed. There is a real risk they could exacerbate pre-existing inequalities and disproportionately impact disadvantaged social groups and sectors. In many developing member countries, there are inadequate social protection systems to support workers during this transition. This can lead to significant economic and social disruption. Comprehensive planning is required to ensure a just transition, with early interventions to strengthen social protection, develop upskilling and reskilling programs and support economic diversification. This session invites experts in the domain to reflect on the role of social protection in supporting vulnerable groups through a just transition in Asia and the Pacific.