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Presentation slides for Round-table 3 - Financing universal social protection during COVID-19 and beyond (Global e-Conference)

These are the presentation slides for Round-table 3 - Financing universal social protection during COVID-19 and beyond: A case for national and global solidarity to build social protection systems which are adequate, sustainable and adapted to developments in the world of work at the Global e-Conference Turning the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity: What's next for social protection? COVID-19 has once again demonstrated in dramatic fashion the consequences of these unacceptably high coverage gaps. These coverage gaps are linked to significant financing gaps in social protection. In order to fulfil the global community’s commitments to extend social protection coverage to all, considerable investment is required. Yet, it is not sufficient to simply invest more, but also crucial to invest better. In this session, panellists discussed what is needed to bridge coverage and financing gaps and to establish and maintain national social protection floors that are based on solidarity in financing, both at the national and international level.