United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO

Podcast: Social safety nets catch us in crisis, invest in those

This episode has Nadia Calviño as a guest. She is the Vice-President and the Minister for Economy and Digitalization of the Spanish Government. The host is Gabriela Ramos, UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences. Together they talk about inequalities and how our exit from the current crises is through closing the most gaping divides. They say it's high time to rethink and experiment with our policies. There is no static solution in this ever-changing landscape of risks. An iterative and data-driven approach is necessary, and Spain’s minimum subsistence income is discussed as such an example. Finally, we are warned that it is not only the physical world we should be paying close attention to. If unchecked, the fast-emerging economies of data and AI can give rise to new, digital haves and have-nots. We should strive for a humanistic digitalization and stay alert to all the distributive angles.