Podcast: The impact of publicly provided daycare: Evidence from Brazil

In this episode of VoxDevTalks, we are joined by David K. Evans and Lycia Lima to discuss results from their research in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with Orazio Attanasio, Ricardo Paes de Barros, Pedro Carneiro, Pedro Olinto & Norbert Schady. In this project, they examine the impact of publicly provided daycare for children aged 0-3 on outcomes of children and their caregivers, over the course of seven years after enrollment into daycare, using data from a lottery assignment of children to limited public daycare openings. Winning the lottery translated to a 34% increase in time in daycare during a child’s first four years of life, which allowed caregivers more time to work, resulting in higher incomes for beneficiary households, while also improving nutritional intake for beneficiary children, who also saw short term gains in cognitive development.