Institute of Development Studies, IDS

Podcast: Ep. 4. Shifting the blame and shame of poverty – Mary O’Hara (Poverty Unpacked)

Blaming and shaming people in poverty has a long history in the UK and the US and is woven into the fabric of their societies. Greater awareness of what living life in poverty is like, having conversations and being open to others’ experiences can create awareness that our commonalities outweigh our differences. And the current Covid-19 health crisis can provide a turning point for good, allowing us to see the value of everyone in society.

In this episode, Mary O’Hara speaks about her most recent book ‘The Shame Game’. It provides a powerful analysis of the pervasiveness of shame and stigmatisation of people in poverty in the UK and the US and offers hope for how to turn this around, one story and one conversation at a time.