Asian Development Bank, ADB

Plenary Panel Discussion - Integrated Solutions: Social Protection as an Enabler Across Sectors

ADB’s Social Protection Directional Guide 2022-2030 highlights promoting integrated solutions to achieve amplified development impact as a key strategic objective for ADB’s support to developing member countries for social protection. Social protection measures can be used to improve access to basic services. Many such intersectoral complementarities are already well pronounced in social protection programing such as that of health insurance and social assistance towards universal health coverage and positive health outcomes, between skills development, training and labor market interventions towards positive employment outcomes etc., while others remain relatively underexplored. This panel was built from the keynote presentation for Day 2 on “The role of Social Protection in Promoting Inclusive Growth and Social Cohesion” and discussed the need for and examples of integrated and inter-sectoral planning approaches for improved social protection outcomes promoting human capital development.