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Informal Economy Podcast: Social Protection - #05 Domestic Workers and Violence at the workplace

Violence and harassment at the workplace affect many workers all over the world, especially women. It is such a pervasive phenomenon that it was included in the agenda of the next International Labour Conference, which will take place the coming days in Geneva, where the issue will be up for a second round of discussions, with a view to the adoption of an ILO convention. It is important to bear in mind that violence and harassment at the workplace also affect in distinct ways different workers: men and women, formal and informal workers.

To help us understand more about the implications of this issue for domestic workers and the intersectionality between gender and work status – and the role of social protection in addressing this problem – we invite Adriana Paz. Adriana is originally from Bolivia and she has worked as community organizer, women’s rights and migrant rights for community-based and non-profit organizations in Bolivia, Mexico and Canada. She is currently the Latin America regional coordinator of the international domestic workers federation – IDWF.