Domestic Work – Social Protection for All

Ay Vanny was born in Kandal province and is the oldest of four children: two girls and two boys. Vanny was just 22 years when she moved to Phnom Penh due to her mother death; she lived with her aunt and worked as a dish washer in a noodle shop, earing 7,000 Riels per day. Vanny’s most recent job was being a caregiver for elderly people at their homes. She was earning 230$ a month, working Monday to Saturday. Vanny is of the strong opinion that domestic work is a respectable job that needs to be supported just as much as institutional work. She would like to receive National Social Security Fund (NSSF) cards to domestic workers, so that they have access to free healthcare and medical treatment. Furthermore, she requests the government to consider providing allowances to domestic workers during pregnancy. It is very common for employers to fire female workers once they are in their seventh month of pregnancy.