Bhutan - Gross National Happiness Commission, GNH

Rural Economy Advancement Programme (Phase II)

A pilot targeted poverty alleviation program, namely, Rural Economy Advancement Programme (REAP I) was initiated in 10th five-year plan in 14 poorest villages covering 10 Dzongkhags to target extreme poverty that may not be adequately addressed by mainstream development plan programmes. With the completion of REAP I in 2012, a terminal evaluation was carried out in 2013 to study the effectiveness of the programme and to assess the worth of up-scaling the programme. The evaluation results have shown that the programme was effective in reducing the extreme poverty and recommended for up-scaling the programme in the 11th five year plan. Recognizing the importance and effectiveness of the targeted poverty interventions, REAP II is planned for 104 villages covering 20 Dzongkhags. The village development plans (VDPs) for all 104 villages are prepared by the communities themselves.