Albania - Ministria E Shëndetesisë dhe Mbrojtjes Sociale (Ministry of Health and Social Protection)

Progress Report 2019 - National Strategy for Social Protection 2015–2020

The National Social Protection Strategy is a component of the National Strategy for Development and Integration (NSDI). Since it is a sectoral strategy, it is in full compliance with institutional policies and structures described in this strategy, which aim at supporting persons, families and groups in need with social services and assistance, so that they can act independently, generate income and enjoy equal rights in the society. In this document we will present the 2019 progress, analyzing and monitoring all objectives, activities and sub-activities envisaged on the 2015-2020 National Social Protection Strategy. The report assesses the progress with mitigation of poverty and social exclusion, initiatives and risks even after economic growth. Moreover, in compliance with the equal opportunities principle, it entails development dynamics of persons, families and groups in need in the community, since this strategy approval period. This report is a comparative presentation of the current situation of groups in need, by analyzing measurable indicators focusing on social protection issues for 2019.