Ethiopia - ሥራ እና ክህሎት ሚኒስቴር , MOLS (Ministry of Labor and Skills)

National Social Protection Policy of Ethiopia (Final Draft)

This National Social Protection Policy is nationwide sectoral document developed by the Government of Ethiopia as a complete framework leading to coordinated actions to protect citizens from economic and social deprivation. Given that social protection improves the effectiveness and efficiency of investments in agriculture, hygiene and health, education, and water it accelerates the attainment of the development goals of the country, especially for the most vulnerable members of society. To achieve thepolicy objectives, the following actions will be implemented (i) emergency interventions and targeted cash transfers; (ii) preventive actions designed to avert deprivation or to mitigate the impact of adverse shocks including health and unemployment insurance; (iii) promotive actions that aim to enhance assets and human capital and income earning capacity; and (iv) transformative actions including legal and judicial reforms, budget analysis and policy evaluations to help the nation better manage social protection. The Policy focuses on 4 main areas (1) social safety net; (2) livelihood and employment schemes; (3) social insurance; and (4) addressing inequalities of access to basic services.