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Jamaica social protection strategy

The relatively recent emergence of the concept of Social Protection has brought international focus on the complex elements of a society that together determine the well-being of its people. The need to deliberately address the various determinants of living standards is now well acknowledged after centuries of relying on individualism, trickle-down economics and welfare to correct the maladies that cause deprivation in societies. The new conceptualization has a broad strategic approach, places greater emphasis on prevention and emphasizes the role of Social Protection in national development, wherein its effective implementation has a major positive impact on economic growth. The strategy is developed in response to the country’s commitment to ensure the security of all its residents and citizens. In doing this it will target the attainment of agreed basic minimum standards of living and address the various threats to such attainment by confronting root causes, proximate causes and symptoms. This is guided by research findings and data, which indicated the main issues currently working against the attainment of these standards. T