Finland - Eläketurvakeskus - Kysy työeläkkeestä, ETK (Finnish Centre for Pensions)

Finland: Employees Pensions Act

This Act provides for the private-sector employee’s right to an old-age pension, partial old-age pension, rehabilitation, disability pension, years-of-service pension as well as the employee beneficiary’s right to a survivors’ pension. (29.1.2016/69) The employer is obligated to arrange and pay for pension provision for its employees in accordance with this Act for work carried out in Finland, unless otherwise provided herein. The employee is obligated to participate in his or her own pension provision by paying the employee’s pension contribution. The employer may arrange pension provision as provided in this Act with pension insurance companies as referred to in the Pension Insurance Companies Act (354/1997), an industry -wide pension fund as referred to in the Insurance Fund Act (1164/1992), or in a company pension fund as referred to in the Pension Fund Act (1774/1995). The Finnish Centre for Pensions operates as a liaison body for all pension providers. The functions and administration of the Finnish Centre for Pensions are laid down in the Act on the Finnish Centre for Pensions (397/2006)