EDPRS2 - Social Protection Strategy

In the past five years, poverty in Rwanda has reduced by twelve percentage points from 57% to 45% and extreme poverty has dropped from 36% to 24% (EICV3). Data from the EDPRS1 flagship social protection programme, VUP, demonstrates how the social protection sector has contributed to this remarkable achievement. In particular, social protection has helped to reduce the proportion of the population categorised as Ubudehe 1 (the poorest) in VUP sectors and to increase the livestock holdings and durable assets of extremely poor beneficiary households1. This strategy establishes how the social protection sector will contribute to a range of EDPRS 2 objectives, both as a foundational sector and by delivering results under the Rural Development Theme. The social protection sector is concerned particularly with the poorest and, through implementation of this strategy, will contribute to the objectives of further reducing extreme poverty from 24% to 9% and poverty from 45% to below 30% by 2017/18. By reducing rural poverty, promoting equitable growth and supporting economic transformation, the sector will contribute to the achievement of the three primary objectives of the Rural Development Thematic Priority.