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Denmark - National Report on Strategies for Social Protection and Social Inclusion 2008 - 2010

The Danish report focuses on describing how the Danish Social Protection and Social Inclusion initiatives are organised strategically and systematically. Based on each of the objectives set out in the open method of coordination, the report therefore presents the Danish objectives, Denmark’s social/welfare-related challenges and the initiatives launched in response to those objectives and challenges. In compliance with the common guidelines adopted by the Member States for the structure and contents of National Strategy Reports, this report is divided into four chapters. Chapter 1, “Current situation and main trends”, assesses the social situation in Denmark and describes the general strategies for social protection and social inclusion. The following chapters contain a more detailed description of the Danish strategy for social protection and social inclusion, including the objectives, challenges and initiatives in the area. Chapter 2, “Social inclusion”, describes the strategies for the inclusion of socially disadvantaged groups. Chapter 3, “Pensions”, describes the structure of Denmark’s pension system, and Chapter 4, “National strategies for health and long-term care” describes the Government’s strategies in the two areas. One of the annexes to the report provides examples of good practice in step with the strategies and initiatives described in the report.