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The Child Guarantee: Breaking the cycle of disadvantage Phase III of the Preparatory action for a Child Guarantee

One out of every five children in the EU is currently living a childhood in which opportunities to be healthy, to learn, to participate and to reach their full potential are being cut short. Poverty and deprivation in childhood can mark children for the rest of their lives; undermine a child’s health, education and prospects for future income, as well as the child’s ability to thrive in adulthood. Poverty and social exclusion can lead to intergenerational cycles of disadvantage for vulnerable children. In Europe countries are struggling to meet the needs of the most vulnerable children, particularly: children with disabilities, children in precarious family situations, children residing in institutions and migrant and refugee children. Now, an already serious problem is being further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ‘Child Guarantee’, an initiative of the European Commission which aims to ensure that the most vulnerable children in the European Union have access to healthcare, education, childcare, decent housing and adequate nutrition, ultimately aiming to ensure progressive realisation of child’s rights in Europe.