2016 to 2018
Moldova - Government Profile

Action Programme of the Government of Republic of Moldova for 2016-2018

This programme, which underpins the activity of the Government of Republic of Moldova for 2016-2018, has as main objective to increase the welfare, safety and quality of the life of citizens, in particular by: economic development and facilitating well paid job creation, eradication of corruption and ensuring the rule of law, personal security, national defence capacity building, accessible and cost-effective public services, social protection for vulnerable populations.

The surest way to achieve these objectives is the EU integration. For this purpose, the Government is set to create all prerequisites, which once developed, will make Moldova eligible to get the statute of candidate-country for EU accession. To fulfil this goal, the implementation of the Republic of Moldova - European Union Association Agreement, in particular through the implementation of the National Action Plan approved by Government Decision no. 808 of October 7, 2014, was put at the basis of the Government Action Programme.