Youth labour market inclusion in Niger – A LASDEL-ODI-AFD study on access to employment as a catalyst for youth inclusion

How do intersecting vulnerabilities affect the quality of youth inclusion in labour markets in Niger and their ability to move out of and remain out of poverty? How do different forms of livelihoods, education, training or migration affect youth inclusion? How do these models vary by gender, generation and area of residence?

This LASDEL-ODI-AFD dissemination event identifies factors which challenge and those which enable involvement in various livelihoods among young women and men in Niger through the analysis of different poverty trajectories in Niamey, Tahoua and Zinder regions. The paper identifies factors that hinder and promote engagement in various livelihoods through a gender streamlined analysis of different poverty trajectories.

This event will be held on June 14th from 3 to 4 pm (GMT+2) in English and it will be facilitated by the ODI-CPAN and AFD team, with presentations by Andrew Shepherd, Lucia Da Corta, Vidya Diwakar (ODI) and Cecilia Poggi (AFD). Zoom registration available in the link.