WVI Cash Roadmap 2.0 - "New Avenues" Launch Webinar - Leveraging, multiplying 'nexus' cash, so that children & families can thrive amidst "polycrises"

WVI is launching its global strategic Cash Roadmap 2.0 - with an engaging panel discussion and inter-active Q&A.

Keynote speaker: Karen Peachey (CALP Director)


Isabel Gomes (WVI Global Lead, Disaster Management), Carolina Fuquene (Operations Manager, WV Colombia), Daniel Wanganga (WVI Snr. Director Technical Resources), Kathryn Taetzsch (WVI Global Director, Cash Voucher Prog.)


With new crisis emerging or re-igniting like the Israel-Gaza conflict in recent weeks after the terrorist attack, and increasing needs (339 Million people require live-saving humanitarian assistance at the beginning of 2023) triggered by "polycrises", and thus more protracted and large-scale humanitarian and poverty-linked vulnerabilities, exacerbated by climate change, conflict, and economic volatility and hunger crisis, all directly and indirectly negatively affect children's prospects for a positive and thriving future, this roadmap is highly critical at this point of limited resources and a potentially widening gap between humanitarian and development funding allocations, considering more drive towards the cost-efficiency and “economic multiplier” function of CVA. 

World Vision’s 2.5-times increase in CVA reach (from 2018’s 3 Million to 2022’s 7.8 Million people (53% children) supported through CVA in over 46 countries) and substantive impact beyond humanitarian survival assistance opens an opportunity to continue to drive World Vision's momentum as multi-mandated organisation, shifting focus to the next frontier of leveraging CVA beyond humanitarian disaster management for mitigation of devastating impacts of climate, conflict, economic instability on children.

WVI's "Cash Roadmap 2.0 - New Avenues" focuses on

- How to address the financial and digital divide, impacting children and people-on-the-move

- Saving Lives, productive assets and costs before crisis strikes, using CVA in Anticipatory Action to address climate-induced shocks

- CVA as enabler of positive coping strategies for environmental sustainability and climate action

- CVA as nexus-enbaler for locally-led (Child-Sensitive) Social Protection Pathways


Join in this virtual launch on 14 November 2023, from 12:00 GMT - 1:00 pm GMT