Use of qualitative and quantitative techniques in remote evaluations

The use of local enumerators and researchers to gather qualitative and quantitative evidence in hard-to-reach areas require the adoption of robust methodologies, accurate planning, flexibility, monitoring skills and the capacity to adapt to a changing environment. The two speakers will discuss lessons from their multi-annual experience in leading multi-cultural evaluation teams in conflict and violence-affected zones.

This conference is part of a series presenting the use of innovative methodologies to conduct evaluations in hard-to-reach areas; download the presentation paper of the cycle here


Mr Andrea Alfieri - DEVCO, Head of Sector ‘Results, Monitoring and Evaluation’, Unit ‘Evaluation and Results’


Mr Marco Lorenzoni – Evaluation Support Service, Sr evaluation Expert

Mr Valentin Alvarez – DEVCO, Unit 04 ‘Evaluation and Results’


Ms Margie Buchanan-Smith – Overseas Development Institute (ODI), Senior Research Associate and Tufts University, Visiting Fellow

Mr François Dupaquier - Frontview, CEO and evaluator


External Cooperation InfoPoint, Rue de la Loi 43, Brussels, Ground floor, Belgium