Third Annual Universal Health Coverage Financing Forum

This Forum is the third in a series of annual events that bring together countries and partners to shape a collective agenda on sustainable financing for universal health coverage (UHC) and provide a platform to advance knowledge and its application in financing UHC. In particular, the goals of these events are to: 

1. Facilitate an exchange between host governments, political leaders, donors and technical experts to build consensus on approaches to enhance the development and implementation of strategies, policy and advocacy approaches;
2. Review evidence to date and debate its implications to determine knowledge gaps, strengths and weaknesses of current approaches, with an emphasis on controversial issues; and
3. Brainstorm research priorities and approaches, and opportunities for capacity building.

This two-day event at the 2018 World Bank Group-IMF Spring Meetings (April 19-20, 2018) builds on the success of the 1st and 2nd Annual Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Financing Forums, co-hosted by the World Bank and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).  The 1st Forum, in 2016, dealt with resource mobilization, or how to raise funds to meet the needs and demands of the population for good quality health services and financial protection, which are key components of UHC.  The 2nd Forum, in 2017, explored how governments can use available resources in the most efficient way.  Health financing to achieve equity will be the focus at the 3rd Forum.

The Forum will include a mix of plenary and parallel sessions and will bring together approximately 400 experts on health and health financing, including representatives from Ministries of Finance and Health from low and middle-income countries, and staff from partner organizations, including bi- and multi-lateral institutions, civil society organizations, think tanks, and academia.

For those unable to attend, live webcasts of the plenary sessions will be available, along with additional materials on the proceedings.