The state and social welfare in the 21st century

The Covid-19 pandemic has magnified the importance of global access to social welfare while also highlighting the limits of our current welfare systems. This is situated in a global context of closing borders and decades of welfare cuts. This conference seeks to challenge the often-unquestioned assumption that social welfare systems always produce greater equality. It will bring together scholars thinking about the various challenges that prevent the expansion of welfare systems and limit their emancipatory power. The upcoming conference will take place over two afternoons (7-8 April 2022). It will have four thematic sessions:

  • Session 1: Covid-19 and social reproduction
  • Session 2: The future of work and mass unemployment
  • Session 3: Austerity
  • Session 4: Citizenship and borders


Franco Barchiesi (Ohio State University)
Manali Desai (University of Cambridge)
Liz Fouksman (Kings College London)
Hangala Siachiwena (University of Cape Town)
Peter Sloman (University of Cambridge)
Karyn Vilbig (New York University)