South – South Knowledge Collaboration: Designing and Implementing Social Protection Programs for Employment

The Governments of Australia, Germany and the Philippines will jointly host a Knowledge Collaboration Event in the Philippines in May 2017. This event will build on the South-South Knowledge Exchange Forum on How to Link Social Protection with Employment Opportunities, held in Jakarta, Indonesia  in May 2016. The Australian Government’s Social Protection Hub and Indonesia’s Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction (TNP2K) hosted the event with support from GIZ.

The participants in the Jakarta event in May 2016 explored channels to link social protection beneficiaries to employment including through: knowing the existing capacities of the beneficiaries, developing soft, vocational and entrepreneurial skills, building linkages to markets, and improving access to other services. A guidance note on options for linking social protection with employment was prepared as an outcome of this event. Many of the participants of the event thought that the Jakarta workshop was an excellent start to the discussion, but that they required more information and opportunities to learn from good examples around the globe. A community of practice (Social Protection for Employment Community – SPEC) was formed at the end of the event. The Australian government’s Social Protection Hub and German development cooperation through GIZ’s Global Alliance for Social Protection are jointly running this community. The community is already showing excellent potential for facilitating South-South knowledge exchange through regular interactions and online seminars (webinars). The community will play an active role in the Manila event, which will strengthen the community to take forward the social protection and employment agenda globally. The event will also provide Australia, Germany and the Philippines the opportunity to deepen engagement in this relatively new sub-sector of social protection.  


  1. To facilitate information exchange on the design and implementation of employment generation programs linked to social protection;
  2. To analyse, synthesize and document the experiences discussed in the event and share it through; and
  3. To strengthen the Social Protection for Employment Community (SPEC) so that the community can provide an ongoing and effective platform to facilitate South-South learning in linking social protection for employment.