The Role of Rural organisations in Social Protection

25th November – Time: 15:00 – 16:45

Extending social protection and risk management systems effectively to rural populations is often a challenge for government institutions in many developing countries. The High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition has recognized in its 2012 report the importance of involving non-state actors, including rural organizations, in the formulation and execution of social protection systems.

Rural organisations contribute to extending social protection to the rural poor in several ways by:

1) performing agreed tasks through participatory mechanisms within national social protection systems;

2) developing collective practices of risk management and mutual assistance for their members.

FAO has launched a global study on good practices in harnessing the role of rural organizations in social protection, to document cases and compile an “Inventory of practices” on the current and potential role of rural organisations in social protection. Examples from six cases identified through the study are presented in the attachment. The webinar will present the main findings of the study and discuss its conclusions. The feedback from the webinar will feed into the analytical section of the inventory. The webinar is hosted and announced on FAO’s Food Security and Nutrition Forum webpage .

Why a webinar

  • To share findings on the global study on the role of rural organizations in social protection.
  • To discuss and validate conclusions with the aim of drawing viable recommendations.

Who should attend

  • Experts and development practitioners in the fields of social protection, rural development and rural services
  • Members of rural and civil society organizations interested in advancing their role in providing social protection measures to their members and communities.

Agenda of the webinar

1.       Presentation of the two roles played by rural organizations using case examples, and presentation of preliminary findings for each dimension.

2.      Presentation of the general conclusions of the case analysis.

3.      Open discussion.

The underlying concept is further described in this article on Local Solutions to Social Protection: the role of rural organizations.

How to join: You can join the event directly through this link , on Wednesday 25th November at 15:00. S


May Hani, Policy Officer (Institutions and rural services), FAO: [email protected]

Igor Vinci, Rural institutions and Social Protection Consultant:mailto:[email protected]