Reimagining Social Protection in MENA

Social protection can be broadly defined as the policies and programs concerned with “preventing, managing, and overcoming situations which adversely affect people’s wellbeing” (UN Research Institute for Social Development). It includes policies such as social assistance and social insurance, health care access, and labor market interventions, among others. These policies and programs are essential for achieving Sustainable Development Goal #1: “No Poverty”, and as such have become a central point of focus in both international and national policy agendas. In light of this and building on the previous ERF project on Social Protection in Jordan and Tunisia, and also with the generous funding provided by the Ford Foundation, this conference seeks to disseminate the findings of research on social insurance coverage in Egypt while reflecting on the previous findings from Jordan and Tunisia. In light of the above, this conference will take place over the course of 2 days to disseminate the findings of several research papers produced in the context of the Economic Research Forum’s project on “Reimagining Social Protection in MENA”. This regional learning event focused on social insurance/social insurance reforms will be structured as follows: The first day will be showcasing the component on social insurance in Egypt and the second will feature work on Jordan and Tunisia. The conference seeks to encourage discussion of the current state of social insurance in Egypt, while reflecting on and comparing it to the regional perspectives and findings obtained from Jordan and Tunisia. Most notably, the conference will provide space for multiple stakeholders to promote civic engagement, and discuss policy solutions and disseminate and compare and contrast the different research findings across all three countries.