PEI Open House | Shedding Light on What Works: Economic Inclusion for Refugees and Host Communities

Economic inclusion programs hold significant promise in addressing critical challenges faced by refugees and host populations. Through tailored packages, these programs can meet the specific needs of refugee populations while fostering social cohesion among refugees and their hosts. Although the evidence base for economic inclusion programs targeting refugee populations is still evolving, emerging evidence demonstrates their substantial positive impact on both refugees and host communities. These programs improve income, assets, and resilience for participants.  

Join us for our next PEI Open House, in collaboration with the Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) team, on May 2, 9:30 to 11:00 am ET, where a diverse panel will share insights into designing economic inclusion programs for displaced populations and their impacts. This event aims to convene governments, NGOs, UNHCR, and other key stakeholders to explore how policy makers and program implementers can facilitate the engagement of forcibly displaced populations in economic activities. Together, we will discuss how programs can help participants overcome the constraints unique to contexts of forced displacement. 

The event will be in English with live interpretation to French and Spanish.