PEI Open House | Economic Inclusion: Empowering Women for a Climate-Resilient Future

Women are disproportionately affected by the multifaceted impacts of climate change. Building women’s capacity to prepare for, cope with, and adapt to climate shocks is imperative. Multifaceted economic inclusion programs offer a viable solution for governments to address this challenge. These programs can foster women’s economic empowerment while promoting the adoption of climate-smart techniques and enhancing their financial resilience in the face of adverse climate events, especially in the agriculture and natural resource management sectors.

Innovations such as green technologies, climate-smart farming techniques, and clean energy can significantly enhance the impact of economic inclusion programs, while addressing the constraints women face in accessing and utilizing such technologies. Moreover, insurance plays a crucial role in risk management and is key to ensuring sustainable incomes for women engaged in agriculture and other climate-affected activities.

Join us at the next PEI Open House to hear from a diverse panel who will share insights, experiences, and emerging strategies to improve the climate resilience of livelihoods and jobs, while ensuring that women not only have access to these solutions but also lead the charge in implementing them. The event will convene governments, NGOs, and financial institutions to explore innovative solutions and risk mitigation strategies that empower women for a more climate-resilient future. It will also offer live interpretation to Spanish and French.